This plan lays out AGHA’s strategic direction for the period 2021- 2025. The strategy is informed by AGHA’s competencies and  comparative advantage, a contextual analysis that highlights gaps and emerging issues. The purpose of the strategic plan is to provide a framework to guide AGHA’s programmatic focus, resource mobilization and annual planning thus ensuring relevance and sustainability for the next five years and beyond.
The implementation process will be consistently monitored to ensure compliance as well as identify the need to re-engineer the plan where necessary.
The Strategic Plan covers background information; gives a brief overview of AGHA’s impact under the current strategic plan (2016 – 2020); assesses AGHA’s operating environment; sets out the strategic direction that AGHA will take in the next five years (2021 – 2025); lays out the strategic plan’s implementation architecture; sets out the indicators on which performance will be assessed; and how the strategy will be resourced. See the Strategic Plan here