Nineteen years since it was founded, AGHA moves forward with a reoriented vision: from “A world of equity and social justice where health
and human rights are respected, protected and enjoyed by all” to “A just
and inclusive health care system in Uganda”.
AGHA’s new mandate has been guided by the belief that ending the
most serious health challenges, such as HIV/AIDS is achievable through
upholding the human rights of ALL people including addressing the
stigma and discrimination against key affected communities. AGHA also
believes that while we address, health and human rights, we must build
community agency and voice to ensure there is social accountability
and effective policy advocacy. AGHA considers these as critical to the realization of the SDGs in Uganda and ensuring that no one is left behind. AGHA will operationalize this mandate across our programmes and in our engagements with various stakeholders, utilizing the human rights based approaches. We shall be guided by our core values; grounded in the realities of the communities we serve; steered by our governance organs; informed by our programme learnings; and supported but at the same time held accountable by our partners and broader stakeholders. It is with a sense of profound responsibility that AGHA adopts this new mandate. We look ahead with renewed vigor and commitment to the implementation of our new Strategic direction for the next five years (2021 – 2025).