The Covid 19 Vaccines’ Acceptance and uptake Project (COVAP) is a one-year (12 months) project designed to increase the Covid 19 vaccines acceptance and uptake amongst rural and urban-poor communities.  The project will be implemented by a consortium of like-minded partners which include; ARUWE, Medicines Transparency Alliance (MeTA), UNHCO, WWM and AGHA-Uganda. The project will specifically help to increase; access to vaccines, public trust, access to Covid 19 and vaccines information and increase collaboration amongst stakeholders. The project will also specifically tackle issues of Covid 19 Vaccine disinformation and misinformation through a well-coordinated set of interventions for example community awareness campaigns awareness, factual and timely communication campaigns, collaboration engagements, aimed at increasing uptake of the secured Covid 19 vaccines.

The project interventions will target to engage the following stakeholders; locally elected officials, health workers, Village health Teams (VHTs), Social workers, Counselors, Faith leaders, Teachers, counsellors, the private sector, other Civil society Organizations and the community at large among others. It is upon this background that AGH will development of IEC materials in English, Luganda and Runyakitara in the month of July 2022.FOR MORE INFORMATION DOWNLOAD PDF


One of the participants happily receiving the COVID 19 vaccine